1. So I created a timeline through April for my thesis and between seeing that and teaching a class and taking 18 credits and also trying to work more than 20 hours a week, I don’t know how the fuck people are involved with clubs and greek life and still maintain a level of sanity. 

    Holy nuts. A full week into my senior year and even I am tired of hearing me bitch.


  2. I had a dream last night that I bought cookie dough in Pringles packaging where it was intended to be consumed raw. Just tubes and tubes of cookie dough nibbles.


  3. Roku vs Apple TV

    practicality vs status


  5. fwarg:

    you guac my world

  6. Happy place. 


  7. I convinced my dad to order himself a 2015 mustang and then he told me he was planning on getting a “nice leather bra” for it and I tried so hard to keep from telling him that nothing was gonna make it more obvious that a sixty year old man drove the car than a fucking bra.

    What year is this. When was the last time someone bought a fucking bra for their car?


  8. I just cried watching a hardware commercial I need to be medicated.

  9. fuelant:

    Monsoon Ocotillo. Tucson, Arizona. Monsoon Season, 2013. EricRosenwaldPhotography.com

    (Source: ericrosenwaldphotography, via arizonanature)

  10. Thursdays mean my “weekend” has begun which means I’m fucking tuckered which means I pour myself a strong bourbon lemonade, light a candle and take a glorious shower.


  11. Squishy blueberries are the worst.

  12. did-you-kno:

    Montclair State University has offered a class called How To Watch Television. Source

    Well shit. I’m at the wrong school.


  13. I just really want to work with animals for the rest of my life.

  14. My favorite scene of season 2. I can do a pretty solid Morello impression.

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  15. I just knocked out two thesis meetings and one honors contract meeting in less than an hour. I am the fucking master.