1. Hahahahahahah I didn’t think I had to work today so I farted around until 3 pm, showered, got out to get dressed and do some homework only to get a call that the schedule had changed and no one told me/I didn’t see and was 30 minutes late for a shift.

    I have a thesis meeting on Tuesday and I did nothing today. NOTHING. No reading, no research.

    I’m fucked.


  2. I get the biggest lady boner watching the Good Wife. So many smart and powerful women, so many great suits.

  3. fallontonight:

    Jimmy receives a birthday surprise from a mystery guest!

    Franco got ALL the el oh els from me.

  4. My best-seestor-friend (translation: my actual sister) innocently sent me this tonight while she was procrastinating. You know how you can hear a song thousands of times and not feel anything? That was this song. Until I played it tonight and started crying, because I really needed to fucking hear that it’s all right.

    So maybe you need to be reminded the same. Hey, everybody. It’s all right!

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  6. Nothing bums me out like wanting to see a band but literally all of my friends with similar music taste live in other states or if they do live here, they go to bed at 8pm.

    Who wants to see Shovels & Rope in PHX with me?

  7. fortalameda:


    Scumbag Baby Boomer memes are the greatest.

    the experience one though…

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    This is how we do in Slothville.



    I am gonna quit real life and work at Slothville

  10. deaddreamers:

    best photoset I’ve ever seen

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  11. fallontonight:

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: Nick Offerman took some time backstage to give Tumblr fans some advice on running marathons and the best place to read a book! 

    I am so attracted to Nick 


  12. How I feel about my post-graduation plans


    Freshman year:


    Sophomore year:
    image Junior year: image

    Senior year: 


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    tab so hard chrome wanna fine me


  14. If you’re a Ray Rice apologist, please unfollow me.