1. This live tweeting is embarrassing. And I’m sober.


  2. In musicals, when someone is singing, but they are hiding from a different character, do the other characters hear the singing or is it happening in their head?


  3. I love middle aged women so much.


  4. I want to be able to pull off overalls as well as Meryl Streep does.


  5. If Donna says “stop growing” to Sophie’s bridesmaids, then maybe she is too young to get married.


  6. This movie is mega cheez whiz but I love the cold opening so hard.


  7. It’s October, why am I watching Mamma Mia! when I should be watching slashers?

  8. behindtheillusions:

    On the set of The Shining (1980).

    Uhhh well, spoiler alert: apparently that
    building was fake.


  9. The sweet satisfaction that is shutting down an argument about that Washington football team by reading a passage from Ward Churchill’s “Crimes Against Humanity”

  10. fallontonight:

    Emma Stone is coming to “Cabaret” on Broadway! 

    God, I really wish I could go to New York and see Cabaret. Alan Cumming AND Emma Stone?


  11. The worst part of 90s sitcoms is the theme songs.


  12. Never search the broad city tumblr tag. All the gifs will break your fucking browser.


  13. fwarg said: feel this 10000% forever alone happy alone? sob so alone but I’m gr& but alone?

    ahhhh yes, the roller coaster of Alones.


  14. fwarg:

    Around 2:40am on a weekday feels the most lonely, when the people who won’t sleep tonight still lay in bed pretending they might, when the dutiful have long been dreaming and even the late shift is getting towards its end. Little red flags, one two three, provide a fleeting sense of belonging or…


  15. Sometimes I hang out with friends in healthy, happy, committed relationships and I get sad. And then I remember that I’m really content loving myself right now.